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Our Research Group


Our group is involved in the development of new synthetic methods, and the design and synthesis of materials for solar photovoltaic devices. In the realm of synthetic organic chemistry, we focus on photochemistry, fluorination chemistry and the functionalization of pi-systems for the expeditious generation of functionalized moieties that occupy new chemical space. Research in these interconnected domains involves new chemistry spanning difunctionalization of olefins, allenes, arynes, and other transient olefinic species generated through the activation of small molecules. The development of environment-friendly reactions, new reactivity patterns and access to hitherto unknown molecular architectures are the goals of this part of our research program. 

A second aspect of our research program is the development of materials for applications in modern photovoltaic devices. We have teamed up with our colleagues in the departments of Chemical Engineering and Sustainable Energy Engineering to develop next generation solar PV technologies aimed at larger and more stable devices based on either perovskite or tandem cell design. We are also working toward the development of transparent solar cell devices for integration into urban buildings. In our quest for a sustainable future, we are expanding our efforts into areas related to the scientific, economic and policy domains impacting climate change.   

Publication Snapshots

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